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SCIHL Division 1 - Week 3 Scoreboard

SCIHL Division 1 - Week 3 Scoreboard

October 20th, 2023

Message is clear - the Lions are the team to beat as they won their third game in a row out-scoring the Warriors 10-7.

Ryan Chu had a huge night with hat trick and 4 helpers for 7 points. Four points for Rob Schremp gives him 12 points on the season - tied with Ryan Chu.

Kevin O'toole had his first hat trick of the season for the Warriors who are not having issues scoring - rather the opposite. In three games they have given up a league lead 23 goals.

In the 2nd game of the night, Aces won their second straight game by doubling up the Tycoons 6-3. Tycoons were missing their #1 goalie Evan Thorpe - thumbs up to Antoine Devolz for filling the void.

UPCOMING GAMES - October 19 @ Discovery Bay Ice Rink

Game 1: Lions vs Warriors @ 8:15pm
Game 2: Tycoons vs Aces @ 9:15pm

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