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Hockey Central

SCIHL Division 3 - Week 5 Game Summaries

Friday, 18 November 2022

Momentum Swings Every Period

Since winning their season opener in a big way, Taboo Devils have been struggling to find another win. Having lost 3 straight, they were looking to right the ship against HoiHoi Pancake House, who were also 1-3 heading into this game.

However, it was HoiHoi who struck first, just 44 seconds into the game when Bonnie Lui scored her first of the season off a nice passing play from Donald Chow and Justin Hau. Taboo then controlled the rest of the period and only allowed 3 more shots from HoiHoi in the period while they buzzed in the HoiHoi zone creating numerous scoring chances, only to have Kirsten Rendell hold the fort, in her sparkling white extremely stiff new pads.

Towards the end of the period, Hamish Pang intercepted an errant Taboo pass in his own zone and rushed down and deke Anthony Fiscella (subbing in for Edward Lee - out after putting his finger somewhere he shouldn’t have) to make it 2-0. It wasn’t until the end of the period did Taboo finally solve Rendell to keep the score close.

In the 2nd, it was HoiHoi that had the early momentum as Donald Chow (LPP) and Hamish Pang scoring again in the first few minutes to increase HoiHoi’s lead to 4-1 before Taboo snapped out of their trance. Taboo scored the next 3 goals, Michael Wong (LPP), Bryan Leung, and Jason Yip tallying and narrowing the gap to tie it at 4. On the last play of the 2nd, HoiHoi’s Captain, Robert Chiu, skated down the left boards, and after considering a centering pass, decided to take a slap shot from a very tight angle that lasered into the far side top corner stunning Fiscella regaining the lead for HoiHoi, 5-4.

In the 3rd, the streaky goals continued, with Taboo rattling off the next 3, another from Michael Wong, Kenny Chiu, and Bryan Leung also with his 2nd of the night. 7-5 lead finally for Taboo with 7 minutes left in the game. About a minute later, Hamish Pang completed his hattrick, and shortly after that, Bonnie Lui with her 2nd of the night tied the game at 7. Taboo had a few golden chances to win the game, including a 3 on 1 late in the 3rd, but ended up not even getting a shot on net.

We headed into our first overtime session this season. In the 3 on 3 OT, Donald Chow took the puck deep into the corner, lost the puck, won it back, then hit a leg as he tried to pass the puck, but got a lucky bounce, as the puck came back to him, as he moved out in front of the net all alone as he deked Fiscella to win the game for HoiHoi, and increasing Taboo winless streak to 4.

Kirsten Rendell saved 17, while Anthony Fiscella (LPP) stopped 19.

Burger Joy’s Three Stars:
1. Hamish Pang (HoiHoi Pancake House)
2. Jason Yip (Taboo Devils)
3. Bonnie Lui (HoiHoi Pancake House)

Going ALL the way!

Both teams looked inspired after watching the overtime game between HoiHoi and Taboo. Both teams also got a good look at their respective line ups as both teams pretty much had their full teams available.

Asiaxpat jumped out of the game with a fast start just 26 seconds into the game. First play into the zone and past the Lion Rock D, Jim Wong fired a low shot past Izzy and the Lion Rock D-men, who were just getting set for the game. 1-0 Asiaxpat. It looked like it was going to be a long day for Lion Rock.

However, that seemed to wake them up and the rest of the period was a close checking affair limiting both teams to only a handful of shots each, and it wasn’t until late in the period did Lion Rock quickly tally 2 goals just over a minute apart. Mark Uhrynuk and Bruce Hicks looked like they were 25 again and scored the first 2 goals for Lion Rock.

Play continued to be closely contested thru the 2nd period and again, it wasn’t until late in the period, did Eric Pang sneak a shot by Jerome after a long period of control in the Asiaxpat zone. Pang recently back from LTIR providing a much-needed boost to Lion Rock’s offense. 3-1 Lion Rock after 2 periods.

Asiaxpat turned on the pressure in the 3rd as Lion Rock seemed to run out of gas, as most of the 3rd period was played in the Lion Rock zone. Izzy had to make a number of point blank saves until Jason Yee snuck one by him midway in the 3rd closing the gap to 1. Late in the period, Lion Rock gave up a powerplay to Asiaxpat and they made no mistake as Michael Wong finished a nice play from Jim Wong and Dave Finifter to tie the game at 3.

Neither team could generate much in the 3 on 3 overtime, so we had our first shootout this season.

Eric Pang took the first attempt but was stopped easily by Jerome Lui. Jim Wong then tried to deke Izzy, only to get poke checked. Bruce Hicks also stopped by Lui. Next was Michael Wong who faked left, then pulled right across the net, only to have Izzy poke check him as well. Finally, Jasper Chow was able to put one by Lui. Eugene Wong needed to score to continue the shootout, but Izzy was once again up to the task and winning the game for Lion Rock.

Jerome Lui faced 21 shots, while Izzy faced 23.

Burger Joy’s Three Stars:
1. Izumida Koji (Lion Rock)
2. Eric Pang (Lion Rock)
3. Jim Wong (AsiaXpat)

Three in a Row for the Unicorns

Homely entered the game with their own 3 game winning streak on the line, while the Unicorns were entering this game with their own 2 game streak after narrowly beating HoiHoi 5-4 last game.

The Unicorns struck first, just a minute and half in, as Shane Weir finished a rebound off an Andrew Rueger shot. Weir later pinned the Homely defenseman against the side board, forcing the puck loose and into the path of Arthur Tam, who skated up the ice and wired a slapshot just over the pad of Fiscella for a 2-0 lead.

Donald Chow responded for Homely scoring off a scramble past goaltender Carson Leung (LPP). Unicorns then regained their 2-goal cushion on a nice 3 way passing play between Weir, Wade, and Tam, going side to side as Tam finished with a top corner shot as Fiscella dived across to take away the lower part of the net. 3-1 for Unicorns after the first.

In the 2nd, Waren Ang and Jason Wong put a couple by Leung to tie the game at 3 before Clement Liu skating hard again this week, put one by Fiscella to regain the lead. 4-3 after 2 periods.

Early in the 3rd, the Unicorns had a powerplay looking to get a cushion to start the 3rd, but instead, it was Homely’s Chow and Alan Liu who had other plans, stealing the puck and going down 2 on 1 scoring a shorthanded goal tying the game at 4. Were we heading into the 3rd overtime game of the evening?

Luckily, during Homely’s own powerplay midway in the 3rd, the Unicorns fierce forechecking by Justin Wong, Clement Liu, and Tracy Wong, created a lucky bounce off the Homely D and into their own net. A shorthanded goal for each team in the 3rd. Homely pushed hard in the final minutes, as the Unicorns desperately defended and breathed a sigh of relief when the final buzzer went off.

Carson Leung (LPP) face 21 shots, while Fiscella faced 21 as well.

The Unicorns win puts them in a 3-way tie for 2nd after 5 games played, and only 4 points separating the 1st and 6th place teams.

Burger Joy’s Three Stars:
1. Arthur Tam (Unicorns)
2. Shane Weir (Unicorns)
3. Donald Chow (Homely Sportswear)

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