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Division 3 - Game Summaries

May 20th, 2022

AsiaXpat holds off Bravo for first win post Covid break

AsiaXpat finally rediscovered their winning ways. After torching the competition up to the start of 2022, they struggled to shake off the rust after the long covid break losing 3 straight (the last 2 in OT). AsiaXpat seem to be turning it around just in time for the upcoming playoffs beating Bravo in a close 2-1 game where both goalies shined.

Leon Mo opened the scoring for Bravo but was quickly answered by Eric Pang to even it up. The teams exchanged chances with nothing to show until Josh Steinhaus put one by Keira Mok, joining Bravo at the roster freeze replacing Antony Chan, mid-way in the 3rd.

That was enough for Jerome who then shut down Bravo for the remainder of the game giving AsiaXpat a much needed 2-1 win. Bravo had lots of powerplay time but could not convert.

Burger Joys 3 Stars:
1. Josh Steinhaus (AsiaXpat)
2. Eric Pang (AsiaXpat)
3. Jerome Lui (AsiaXpat)

Taboo takes top spot in standings with a game remaining

Taboo rattled off their 4th straight win since the restart to take first overall in the standings with a convincing 7-3 win over HoiHoi who is not at risk of not making the playoffs with one game remaining in the regular season.

Kenny Chiu, and Danny Chiu led the way bringing a balanced multi-line attack from Taboo facing a short handed HoiHoi team. The only thing in question is whether Taboo will finish the regular season in top spot as they face Bravo next week while AsiaXpat face CHG who are fighting for the final playoff spot.

Anthony Fiscella who replaces Sam Wong for the remainder of the season had a strong game for HoiHoi facing 28 shots while David Lam LPP for Taboo faced 19.

Burger Joys Three Stars:
1. Joseph Kiu (Taboo Devils)
2. Danny Chiu (Taboo Devils)
3. Josh Steinhaus (HoiHoi)

CHG Keeps Their Playoff Hopes Alive

A must win game for CHG and they came out strong with 3 goals to start the game. 2 from Ryan Culliton and one from Theo Wong.

It wasn’t until the 3rd period that InetAsia was able to solve Edward Lee who was sharp. Inet made it 3-2 midway in the 3rd with 2 goals from Donald Chow, only to have CHG dig deeper and pull away with 2 more from Reston Ko, and Hugo Fan to seal the win.

Next week will be a tough game for CHG if they want a chance to make the playoffs playing against a resurgent AsiaXpat team.

Edward Lee stopped 17, while Kirsten Rendell stopped 19.

Burger Joys 3 Stars:
1. Ryan Culliton (China Hockey Group)
2. Theophilus Wong (China Hockey Group)
3. Edward Lee (China Hockey Group)