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Division 3 - Game Summaries

December 17th, 2021

Run and Gun
Second game post trade and it looks like Taboo is finding their game - run and gun. The offense first approach exciting for fans - might give goalies a heart attack! 18 goals were scored in this game with CHG as both teams traded grade A scoring chances thru the first 2 periods.

CHG opened the scoring after LPP'ing new prospect Matthew Yam who is available in the SCIHL Supplemental draft. Yam seemed to impress CHG and ended the night with a goal and 2 helpers. For Taboo, they picked up the league's 2 leading goal scorers in Hamish Pang (LPP) and Jason Yip (LPP) and that seemed to be the difference as they combined for 10 points between them. Yip scored 4 goals, while Pang scored 2. Danny Chiu and Grant Phillips, each with 2 goals, and 1 from Kenny Chiu rounded out the scoring for Taboo.

At one point in the 2nd period, Taboo built up a 10-3 lead before CHG tried to make a comeback, but it was too little too late. Other notable contributions from CHG's Theo Wong (2g, 2a) and Michael Welsh (2g, 1a) helped them keep the scoreline respectable.

Edward Lee faced 29 shots while Arthur Chan faced 28.

The Three Stars:
1. Danny Chiu (Taboo)
2. Jason Yip (LPP) (Taboo)
3. Michael Welsh (CHG)

Can we get more games vs AsiaXpat?
Not sure what it is, but InetAsia seems to be the kryptonite for AsiaXpat this season. Powerhouse AsiaXpat have won every game so far this season except the 1 game against InetAsia.

InetAsia proved it again tonight with a 4-2 win making it 2nd win over AsiaXpat and their 2nd win this season.

Inet started off well just 1:30 into the game with a goal by Theo Wong (LPP) until Dick Lee scored just before the buzzer to give InetAsia a 2-0 lead after 1.

AsiaXpat stormed back with an early goal of their own in the 2nd from Hamish Pang before Donals Chow restored Inet's lead. Jasper Chow pulled it to 3-2 with 2 min left in the 2nd, but Grant Phillips (LPP) also had his own buzzer beater (again with 2 seconds remaining) to restore Inet's 2 goal lead. That seemed to deflate AsiaXpat a bit.

The 2 teams played a close 3rd period, with both goalies shutting the door allowing no further goals giving InetAsia their 2nd win, and AsiaXpat’s 2nd loss of the season.

Jerome Lui turned aside 18, while Keira Mok (LPP) turned aside 19 in her 2nd SCIHL start.

The Three Stars:
1. Keira Mok (InetAsia)
2. Dick Lee (InetAsia)
3. Hamish Pang (AsiaXpat)

Playing With Fire
Bravo missing their top line again with Leon Mo on LTIR but hoping to remain in the playoff race by beating HoiHoi. They had a boost with Otto Chan coming off LTIR for his first game back, and Bravo came out strong. Brian Chiu getting 2 quick goals for Bravo in the first 3 minutes of the game. HoiHoi responded from Jason Yee with his first of 2 on the night, and Jason Wong to tie the game before Jason Yip was able to regain Bravo’s lead with a minute remaining in the 1st.

Yee scored his 2nd to tie the game before HoiHoi took the lead on a short-handed goal by Jim Liu as he went end to end and beat Antony Chan. Jasper Chow (LPP) responded for Bravo to even it all up going into the 3rd.

In the 3rd, Bravo continued to attack and control the play, but Sam Wong was keeping HoiHoi in the game stopping chance after chance. It wasn’t until midway in the 3rd when HoiHoi played with fire and got into penalty trouble, taking 2 quick penalties. With a 2-man advantage, Bravo's Art Tam was able to put a knuckle ball past a startled Wong for the game winner keeping Bravo's playoff chances open as Bravo was able to keep HoiHoi at bay for the remainder of the 3rd period.

Sam Wong played a strong game facing 29 shots, while Antony Chan faced 17.

The Three Stars:
1. Brian Chiu (Bravo)
2. Jason Yip (Bravo)
3. Arthur Tam (Bravo)